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Explain this please!


Explain this please!

Right after moanin about usenet and p2p with concern to speeds, explain:

I have the above problems but looks like at this point that nothing will be sorted and can only moan and have half farted explanations.

02-10-2005 20:35:42 97.2
02-10-2005 20:35:01 107.3
02-10-2005 20:34:27 176.6

Results from the speedtest page have been constantly running round these speeds all day-BROWSING SPEEDS! No usenet just plain old browsing and i have to sit there like a monkey with dial up!

Anymore shit i have to put up with?

Dont tell me ....its someone elses fault

Explain this please!

If you're getting those sorts of speeds from the PlusNet speedtest, upgrading to Premier will not help - HTTP traffic (which is what is tested) is already given high priority.

Instead I'd suggest you try the BT Speedtest service, as this helps cut out other factors that may affect your connection speed (such as ISP problems).

Explain this please!

cheers train, i added the poll as an extra because up till this latest milestone in poor service i was thinking about goin premier to increase my newsgroup speeds. More money from me? i really dont think so.

Ive hit acceptable speeds up till today whilst browsing, im just mighty annoyed how Sllllllllllllllllooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooowwwwwwww the bloody service is! this ISP sucks.