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Expectations & suggestions


Expectations & suggestions

The problem is with faster connections is people will use them to download larger files, more torrents, music, video, streaming media, p2p etc etc as the temptation is there to do it.

I also dont believe that we should be penalised for the type of data we are downloading, be it p2p or web surfing if you read suggestion below.

We are way behind some other countries for broadband speed, and I sense that BT have a monopoly hold on ISP's at the moment hence the restrictions on download limits.

The problem facing Plusnet as I see currently, is the fact that it is very simple to change ISP's (dependant on contract of course) and go to another deal. Also I have read through the usage guidlines etc (which I hasten to add I have add warning emails that I have exceeded my limit), and personally find them very difficult to follow and also too many scenarios. I class myself above a normal computer user in terms of knowledge and I know plenty of people that wouldnt even try and interpret the guidelines.

What woud be simpler is once maxDSL comes out, is that Plusnet charge per block of bandwidth used. Ie, everyone pays £15 and gets 20gb included, and for every 10gb we pay an extra £1, so if I used 78gb I would be charge about £20.80. Someone using 200gb would pay £33.

If tweaked so Plusnet arent losing out I can see this as more preferential means of getting clean traffic and more money for Plusnet.
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Expectations & suggestions

Think of the absolute minimum cost as about £13 then 70p/GB and you might be closer to the mark! In other words £20 for MaxDSL with 10GB then £7 for each further 10GB-- that's it pared down to the bone at present costs as far as I can tell
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Expectations & suggestions

Well how about this suggestion. Rewarding loyalty with bandwidth.

Customers get say 3% extra allowed right across the board, peak cap, off peak cap, throttling thresholds, and SUP for each year they remain a customer.

So a customer who has been loyal to Plusnet for 5 years would get 15% extra peak, 15% exta off peak, etc. Someone who had been here 10 years would get 30% extra allowances.

Expectations & suggestions


A fine suggestion in theory but an increase of 300mb during peak hours is hardly a reward.
It would sooner work using a 10% or larger margin. Even 10% is a little too little for people to see any reward.

I guess the ultimate reward for most would be to have a fully functional and working service with no bottle necks induced by Plusnet or any of the techniques they employ to provide us with a service. But this again is only info that we have all witnessed and seen on these forums for a little while now and am sure Plusnet alrready know this.