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Exchange contention status: Red


Exchange contention status: Red

When I do the Broadband Fault Checker it has been reporting "Exchange contention status: Red" for a few months now. Who's responsibility is it to chase this up with BT? It says on the fault checker:

We will monitor the BTs engineering schedules, please check back on a weekly basis for further updates.

I have never seen an update!
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Exchange contention status: Red

It is BT`s responsibilty not plusnets to sort out any contention / vpn issues at your local exchange but as we are all aware BT can take an age to get any problems fixed

You can try the Exchange checker and input your telephone number this will show you if there are any issues and should also give you a date that BT are going to fix it but do bear in mind it is generally only an estimated date

As this has been ongoing for a few months you could open a contact ticket to plusnet support and ask them if they can give you an update, you will find it Here then click on "New Query"

Good old BT again Evil


Exchange contention status: Red

It would seem the Exchange checker is not reporting any faults. However I will raise a ticket anyway.

Thank you Holdtight
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Exchange contention status: Red

I've noticed that. The Fualt Checker shows the exchange status as Red. But when I check on the Exchange checker there are no faults. But my really slow peak speeds are being cuased by someone...