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Exchange Status Checker

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Exchange Status Checker

Smiley Hi Guy's,

Just been checking my exchange status as over the last two or more Months speeds seem to slow down at times by quite a lot.

Here is what the Exchange Status Checker said:

Virtual paths: Red

BT is reporting that some of the virtual paths at this exchange are not operating within BT Wholesale's planning guidance, although they are still operating within the product specification.

At busy times, your ADSL connection may operate at a reduced speed, although not all customers on your exchange may be affected. You should only contact support if there is no current ETA date set.

The ETA fix time is: 15 Jan 07

Record last updated: 01 Jan 07

Historical information for this exchange:

Status Date

* 18 Dec 06
* 11 Dec 06
* 04 Dec 06
* 27 Nov 06
* 20 Nov 06

The ETA fix time has been changed numerous times does anyone have a clue if the Capacity problem will ever be fixed as Sky have now offered me 40GB D/L for only £5 a Month but I can't say I've had too many problems with PlusNet considering the time I've been with them.

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Exchange Status Checker

The information BT supply for exchange status is confusing. Each exchange can contain multiple virtual paths and if any single one of them is full the exchange is marked red. So it could have 4 virtual paths with 3 working fine but the other 1 is getting full and therefore the exchange is marked red.
The reason the ETA dates keep getting pushed back can be for 2 reasons. The first is the work has indeed been delayed. However the other more common reason for the ETA being moved back is 1 virtual path goes red and can be in the process of being upgraded when another virtual path goes red and that has a new later date to be fixed. So although the first virtual path has been upgraded you may be waiting for another virtual path to now be fixed. This is why the dates keep going back.

Confusing yes. They really need to change the way the data is presented.

Exchange Status Checker

Will the virtual paths be freed up when users are switched to LLU? Perhaps this is why the fix dates are moved backed as this is out of BT hands. And it's not a good business model to invest in addition equipment knowing it will be redundant in a few months time.
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Exchange Status Checker

If someone is moved to LLU then their traffic is no longer carried on BT's VPs but on the LLU supplier's backhaul links so in that respect the VPs will get freed up, but in the long run most new customers are still being connected on IPStream rather than LLU across the country.

Exchange Status Checker

Its worth adding as well, that Sky provide their ADSL in two ways.

One is via LLU - if your exchange is enabled, and you are provisioned on this, you should see an improvement.

The second way is via the BTw network, in the same way that PN provide your service. If you were provisioned on this, you could have similar issues caused by VP contention.
(As part of the migration you could get moved onto a different VP, which could mean an improvement, or theoretically could mean a deterioration in service)