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Exchange Checker question


Exchange Checker question


Started to notice quite low speeds this evening, not with your usual speed tests but with just general browsing. I did several tests on ADSLGuide and they all returned less than average 1Mb speeds....I've had and expect, fluctuating speeds but these were not going over 900kbps

So went through the usual - rebooting router, virus/spyware scans, checked filters, checked MTU and RWiN and also made sure what pipe I was on (Juniper) and even tried my other PC.
I then checked the exchange checker here (Seaford, East Sussex) and it revealed green.
Just for the hell of it I checked on Samknows where it said the VP status was red!
So my question is (eventually) who to believe?

My overall speeds have dropped in the last couple of weeks and by that I mean they used to always exceed 1900kbps but now they never go over 1850kbps which i have found a little strange.
Could the possible exchange problem be at fault for this to? hope so.
Another downer is the VP upgrade isn't listed for another 3 weeks :-(

Thanks for any replies.

Exchange Checker question

As with Speed testeters, neither are true and neither are false.

They are a true representation of the data used to power them.

THere are two problems here.

1: The PlusNet checker is currently running behind on its updates, thanks to missing data from BT, and access issues to the data

2: The data on Samknows uses two datasets. One of which does not reflect the exact truth.

The data was designed for DataStream ISPs, to tell if or not there is capacity available for them to order. Exchanges can remain on Red for months without issue on Samknows, however, it does give an indication if or not you will see furture issues with the ezchange.

The problem with both sets of data, is that they are delayed and we are reliant on BT both telling the truth, and getting the status of the exchanges updated in there own database quick enough.

It can take upto 3 weeks for an exchange to turn amber or red, where speeds issues may be possible. In which time, they may even fix the problem, and never change the status.

Exchange Checker question

Thanks for the reply.
So I guess I just monitor the situation for several weeks and if need be raise a ticket then.

Exchange Checker question

The PN exchange checker now reports my exchange as red so I know this is almost definitely the source of my problems

Exchange Checker question

Yup. Two updates imported last night.

Each update has an update day of monday, but BT tend to release them on the wednesday.