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Exchange 2MB Capable When I Signed Up, Now It's Only 512kbps


Exchange 2MB Capable When I Signed Up, Now It's Only 512kbps

Hi Guys

Prior to signing up with Plusnet, I visited a couple of ADSL availability sites which let you know how far you are from the nearest exchange, what you your line is capable and wotnot.

Anyway, I was pleased when the results showed I could get an up to 2mb service and all 2mb services were GREEN on all the ADSL availibility checking sites I'd used. So I promptly signed up with Plusnet because of this as it seemed the best deal at the time for 2mb.

Everything was going well until recently when I my connection dropped dramatically.

Various speed test sites were showing my connection was only around 500kbps. So I visited the same ADSL availability sites as I had before only to find they are now saying that my exchange is only only capable of 512kbps. Sad

Apparently. an up 1mb service is possible (Amber), but the 2mb service is totally unavailable (Red). This totally contradicts what the same checkers were saying only a few months ago.

Prodigy Networks ADSL Availibility Checker

[Click To Enlarge]

ADSL Availibility Checker

[Click To Enlarge]

I'm pretty sure it's not a contention issue as the exchange would still show it was capable of 2mb even it it wasn't achievable by the user. Would this be a fair assumption?

Plusnet Speed Checker

[Click To Enlarge]

Just in case it's a problem with my line, here are the stats from my router (Netgear DG834GT)

Router Stats

[Click To Enlarge]

Now I've just checked out the Plusnet utilities section and find this very interesting:

Plusnet Exchange Checker

[Click To Enlarge]

It would seem that the 'Virtual Paths' (whatever the hell they are) went from:
GREEN on the 26/01/06
AMBER on 30/01/06
RED on 06/02/06

This coincides with when I first noticed a speed reduction (around the 06/02/06). Sad

Can anyone shed any light on this and whether there is anything I can do about it?

Simple browsing seems like I'm back on dial-up at times. Sad

At least when I was on dial-up, I was getting £15 worth of calls included in the monthly £15 fee.

Thanks in advance guys.