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Excellent service suddenly turned rubbish!


Excellent service suddenly turned rubbish!

I've been on a steady 8mb connection since being put back onto BT and off that god awful tiscali LLU for quite a while now, but yesterday me 8mb connection had dropped to a 4mb and today is only reading 3.7mb - is something up at plusnet that I don't know about?

I did raise a question about this, but its mysteriously disappeared - neither open nor closed!?

Excellent service suddenly turned rubbish!

Just run a speed test on this and got these results:

Download: 1258 kb/s

Upload: 364 kb/s

This is beyond useless for me. I use my connection mainly for online gaming on xbox live so need a nice fast stable connection. Well so far it's stable, but not fast. And it seems its only happened since you implemented changes on the 7th Dec. Before then my connection was an extremely stable 8mb.

Please, sort it out.

Excellent service suddenly turned rubbish!

Read through the other posts concerning speed issues, neal and all shall be revealed. I had 100kbps the other night...

Excellent service suddenly turned rubbish!

Yeah, just read through all this.

I can't believe that plus net are happy to use their customers as live guinea pigs for their tests on the service.

I smell a MAC code request coming on soon - and 5 referrals will jump ship with me, I'll make sure of that.
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Excellent service suddenly turned rubbish!

Yes I made a point about this in another topic.

We paying customers, are being used as guinea pigs for PN to test the wonderful ellacoyas system. Ellacoyas is buggy, doesn't do what they want and throttles everything randomly. We are being used by PN and Ellacoyas as guinea pigs for their trash.

I for one am sick of this treatment. PN are in breach of their contract by doing this. They are paid to provide a service and NOT use us for testing purposes.
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