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Exceeded monthly allowance, speed restrictions imposed?


Exceeded monthly allowance, speed restrictions imposed?

Im on Prem Option 1, and just realised Ive gone over the 10gb mark for the month.... are speed restricitons automatically imposed, without notification, or would I receive somethingHuh
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Exceeded monthly allowance, speed restrictions imposed?

You will receive an email when restrictions are applied, this can take up to an hour from when the 10GB mark has been passed.

Exceeded monthly allowance, speed restrictions imposed?

I received an e-mail claiming the following .......

Your peak-time usage for this billing month* has now exceeded your 15GB
allowance. The highest level of restrictions will now apply to your connection. Large file downloads, through Usenet, peer-to-peer, and other file sharing
applications will be blocked until the end of the current billing month.

My VMU was showing 10.7Gb peak!!!! But has now been reset, even though my billing date is not until 3rd May.

My new VMU shows usage for things I have not used. This is for the last 24 hours

Broadband phonecalls 61.09MB 2.84MB 63.93MB
Gaming 1.12MB 41.93MB 43.06MB
Usenet 22.68KB 58.2KB 80.88KB
Other 356.41MB 2.64GB 3GB

I have NOT made any broadband phonecalls. I have NOT played any games. I have NEVER used usenet. What is OTHER? OTHER accounts for more than twice the amount of P2P I have used!

Peer-to-peer 137.92MB 1.32GB 1.46GB

This is over 3Gb per day, of traffic I do not use. That's almost 90Gb per month on things I do NOT use.

And where did PN get the P2P peak figure from?? I time schedule all P2P to only run from 0000 - 1600.

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Exceeded monthly allowance, speed restrictions imposed?

Good luck getting your restrictions removed. I was informed on the 14th April that I had gone over my peaktime allowance , the 14th is the beginning of my billing cycle , so I assume it was for the last month. I was told my downloads would be limited until the start of my next cycle (wasnt a problem as it was the same day .. Cheesy ) as the 14th was Good Friday , a bank holiday , PN decided in their infinite wisdom not to take my direct debit until after the holidays , actually 7 days after , on the 21st. It took me 3 support tickets (one is still open) and threats of cancelling my account to get the speeds back. I kept getting fobbed off with the stock "run speed tests" answer. I kept telling them to check my account and see if they had lifted the restrictions , but nobody listened. Eventually they must have checked the account I got this on my ticket


Payment has been taken for this month on 21/04/06 but the level 2 management still appears to be in place.

Please remove and/or advise.


Have had no confirmation it has been done but my speed did go back to normal (ish), am in the middle of the maxdsl regrade so I hope it hasnt affected that.

Exceeded monthly allowance, speed restrictions imposed?

Hmmm... just had the new VMBU, which has actually put my peak useage where I thought it should be. I had already raised a ticket questioning the peak useage that had been used, but it seems about right now Cheesy