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Ever felt undervalued as a customer


Ever felt undervalued as a customer

Well, I have - as of last week.

I've been with plusnet since December of 2001, and have always been happy with the service offered. I changed my broadband habits when the FUP came into effect, and would like to think I have been a good customer.

Until now.

I've just recently bought a house with my girlfriend, and hadwanted to take my plusnet broadband with me. So i used the portal, and was fine with the £5.88 admin fee. However, plusnet cannot seem to get this right.

I have told them repeatedly that I do now have a credit card, as I have always used direct debit to pay for my account. Seems maestro is not an option either.

I've raised two questions, one regarding payment of this charge, and the other to now cancel my account. I have found the phone system to be totally useless in regard to actually talking to someone. I have had no answers at all to my questions.

Question ID 20234787 has had no reply for 72 hours, and Question ID 20254041 is still awaiting a reply since Sunday morning.

Very unhappy with plusnet, especially as they are now sending my emails stating my account is in arrears - surprising considering I have just paid my monthly account subscription!
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Ever felt undervalued as a customer

Hi there,

I'm sorry to hear of the problems you've been having, and would like to add that we value all of our customers, although we appreciate that things have been pretty rough lately.

Please see my response to your tickets, and advise how you wish to proceed.