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Evening Problems!


Evening Problems!

Hi, I am a PlusNet ADSL Home Surf user since 2002. Of late my service is excellent during the day time but after about 7pm the service drops out all the time. To quantify all the time I mean before one single page has chance to load.

I would guess it's not an issue at my end as it works fine during day time so could anyone give me any suggestions of what I need to do to resolve this problem please.

I've tried looking round the site for info but can't find anything relating to this.Sorry if I missed anything obvious.

Thanks in advance, Dave.

Evening Problems!

I get the same problem. At the moment it is working however it has dropped out 3 times already in the last 1/2 hour.

It was constantly dropping out yesterday evening but after 10:00pm it failed to connect at all!

Whilst writting this, it's dropped again!
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Evening Problems!


I have the same issue; 6pm - 7pm lots of line drops, the rest of the time it's fine.

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Evening Problems!

Work through tis tutorial, hope you get your problems fixed.

Evening Problems!

exactly the same problem for me.. i'm currently being bounced about in support circles trying to get BT/Plusnet to figure out what is wrong.

i've invested in new filters and a modem without any change in to the diconnections.... it was fine up till recently.