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Even the pentagon has spam ;)


Even the pentagon has spam ;)

I've raised the question of compensation for the spam I'm receiving from PN. Like many other people, I had my own domain which was forwarding to my PN email. This has now become a 'spambox' due to PN.

This is the reply I received in a recent ticket I raised:

"We are not in a position to offer compensation for this. This is a world-wide problem. Even the Pentagon was broken into in a similar way a couple of weeks ago and you would think their security would be far better than ours.

What we have done though is allow you a free domain so that you can sort the problem out. Details of this are on the following link:" <Links removed>


LOL! Its nice to see somebody trying to "blind me with science". I replied saying that its irrelevant if the Pentagon was broken into. The fact is that the PN security team (if one exists) should have been aware of the security holes in the atmail software. These security holes are usually known weeks in advance and PN did not act on it.
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Even the pentagon has spam ;)


You may want to take a look at the following post from Ian

Which covers follow up questions from the original post we made.