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Enough is enough..I cant go on....


Enough is enough..I cant go on....

I have had it with this interleaving nonsense! Evil

Since having interleaving removed from my perfectly performing non-interleaved line, my connection now has all the performance of a 1mb service!

My BRAS has dropped from 7500kbps to 5500kbps and PlusNet dont seem to care, have logged numerous jobs/tickets and got nowehere, so have decided I am wasting my money.

If I leave/migrate will this problem continue to affect my connection on my next ISP, is there any way to get my line profile reset completely or do BT do this when you migrate accounts?

Can someone look at my stats here and confirm I am not going crazy and that my line is capable of higher synch speeds other than 6500kpbs based on my SNR figures and look at the various errors on the page and tell me whats wrong with them (I was getting a typical synch rate of 7800kbps in the past with Fast Channel (no-interleaving) before interleaving was turned on)