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Enough is Enough


Enough is Enough

I was a reasonably happy customer until I needed to make full use of the connection I'm paying £64.99 a month for in order to work from home.

The connection I have should be able to ramp up to 8mb, its stuck at 2mb and reaches about 230k/second.

Not too bad for 2Mb.

I needed some fairly big files from a system at work in a hurry and started and an FTP transfer to fetch them.
When they still hadnt finished 30 minutes later I looked into this a bit more closely and found they were averaging 30k/second.

When I fetched the same files from the same server using HTTP I got the expected 230k/second.

The traffic shaping and connection drops cutting off my VPN connections proves you have no ability to provide a business class service. I might as well be on a the cheapest possible home user package with everybody else.

Congratulations you have finally convinced me to save money