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Emergency Maintenance


Emergency Maintenance

Dear Customer,

We are going to be taking down our database servers for some emergency
maintenance. This work is unplanned and is to resolve the problem that has
caused the loss of the portals yesterday evening and early this morning.

We expect the work to take between 1 and 2 hours.

This will affect your access to the portal and will also affect the level
of support you can receive as this will affect ourselves in technical

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience you may experience
during this maintenance work.

Kind Regards,
Customer Support.

RE: Emergency Maintenance

"We expect the work to take between 1 and 2 hours."

So that's why it was still off until after 7:30pm was it.. six to eight hours later...

RE: Emergency Maintenance

Good Evening,

There was an unexpected delay in preparing for the work which meant it actually wasn't started until approx 3.40pm.
The replication itself also took longer than expected.

Please be aware that this was very urgent otherwise it woud not have been undertaken during daytime hours. We will be taking steps today to ensure that this will not happen again.

Kind Regards

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RE: Emergency Maintenance

And Support, are the slow access rates down to maintenance or perhaps the other 49 users are in contention.

I may be wrong because I am new to ADSL but isn't 48Kbps slow?

Your comments please,


RE: Emergency Maintenance

> I may be wrong because I am new to ADSL but isn't 48Kbps slow?
I believe you're confusing Kilobits and Kilobytes.
Residential ADSL lines are rated at 512 kilobits/s - a kilobit is an 8th of a kilobyte = 64kbytes.
This is the theoretical maximum an ADSL line can download at. Other factors, such as TCP transfer overhead, routing, site speed, ADSL equipment latency, can play a part in stopping you achieve 64kbytes download (as well as contention).
A 'normal' DSL download is between 40 and 60 kilobytes, so this is within normal limits, yes.
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