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Hi im trying to send an which will go to aprox 170 ppl but outlook seems to not do anything. i can send emails to 2 or 5 ppl at one time but 170 isnt going through

anything that im doing worng ?

thanks for any help

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RE: Emails?

HI Zak,

Our mail servers are tarpitted. This means that if you send a mail to more than 20 recipients it will be slowed down significantly (1 mail per minute is delivered). This system is in place to prevent people using our mail servers to send unsolicited bulk emails.

There are a number of ways round this:

1. Create a mailing list following the instructions at:

2. If you have a Business account you can use the "NetAnnounce" tool to distribute your mail.

3. You can run software such as Worldcast Server or Postcast server (Search in Google for the details) which will handle the mail delivery locally.

4. You will need to break down the mails into blocks with 20 recepients for each one.

With Regards,

Ian Wild
PlusNet Customer Support