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Emails disappearing - anyone else??


Emails disappearing - anyone else??

Does anyone else have problems with emails disappearing, not reaching the recipient?

I ask friends many times how come they didn't reply to my email?
"What email?"...

This has been happening for weeks, one day I sent 63 emails, 52 did not arrive.
Some weeks it is worse than others, this week has been pretty bad for it.

Plusnet blame me, saying there is no problem, it must be a problem with recipient server. Then how come when I send emails from my laptop AOL connection or my hotmail addy, none disappear?!?!?!?! The recipients don't have problems with anyone else sending them emails either!

What has happened in the past on more than one occasion, plusnet have blamed me for a problem then 2 days later said "We have identified a problem and our engineers....."
The best one was.... "Turn your computer off for half an hour to reset your modem"
My reply [on a Sunday]: "My [desktop] computer has been switched off since Friday, I am on my laptop at the moment, 200 miles from my house. Sorry, how long did you want me to switch it off for, half an hour you say?"

Edit: I use Outlook Distress 6. Windows XP Pro.
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Emails disappearing - anyone else??

I've been having a similar problem for the last 10 days or so. I know exactly where my emails are going and it's not their intended destination. After over a week of ticket tennis with CSC, the problem has not been resolved :x

Have you, by chance, moved a domain either in our out of PlusNet recently?

Emails disappearing - anyone else??

No domains involved at all.

I recently registered a domain for part of my site but not even used the email part.

I only use my postmaster addy which is my first name, I haven't any other names in use on my email.

Emails disappearing - anyone else??

I too have been having outgoing emails disappear. I recently sent an email to a recipient list of about thirty, and it seems many (most) did not get it, but some did. We suspect that this has been happening a lot, though it is hard to prove that emails didn't arrive, as opposed to got spam-filtered or whatever. I think the fact that it reached some recipients indicates that the problem does not lie at my end, though all these things are nearly impossible to prove, and one has to retain an open mind to any explanation. See the more recent thread on missing emails, which it seems may be attributable to PlusNet being RBL'd. Of course, that need not necessarily be PlusNet's fault either, but it does need their active intervention to get un-RBL'd as soon as it happens, and to notify customers of the situation in the meantime.
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Emails disappearing - anyone else??

Another similar batch of problems on the following post

I too am getting emails randomly not being delivered with no bounce messages to give any clues
Last time I raised a support log I got a response that there were no reported problems. Now that I've see a collection of posts here I'm intrigued to see what response I get.