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I've still got my domains registered with JTN which does email forwarding.

As the metronetemail servers are listed as secondary MX records they sometimes pick up the email for JTN.

A LOT and I mean a LOT of spam that I get has the following line in the headers:

Received: from (unknown [])
by (MetroNet Mail) with SMTP id 655617370D
for <>; Mon, 29 May 2006 13:32:24 +0100 (BST)

Where is not always the same - it varies depending on which spammer is sending the email.

Surely someone can configure Metronets email servers to check the DNS records to stop this sort of stuff happening?


Hi there,

The methods used by PlusNet/Metronet to identify spam and deal with it, is something which is the subject of some debate currently on the PlusNet forums.

A number of viable and sensible suggestions have been made and hopefully this can be looked at in greater detail in the future.

If you have any further thoughts or suggestions, the UserGroup would love to hear them in our public forums.

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Metronet could use ClearSwift MIMESweeper, methinks.

But then I would say that... being the resident MSW specialist at a security consultancy!