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Email / webmail collecting from other mailboxes

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Email / webmail collecting from other mailboxes

Some time ago, I used (somehow but I forget how) to collect my mail from nother iSP using Plusnet. I could not auto-forward it from that ISP but there was a facility somewhere to enable Plusnet to collect it.

I want to do soemthing similar but I cannot find how to do it anymore. Perhaps it was a feature of the "old" webmail system I am confusing it with. I know that the "new" webmail system has a multi-mail option, providing you use the IMAP service and have a local pub to go to while you wait for it to load, but that is not what I am referring to. Nor am I referring to mailbox configuration under the Email settings. This was soemthing quite separte and very simple which just "fetched" a copy of the mail from other pop3 boxes, and if I remember correctly, used coloured markers to show where it had come from.

Am I just getting old and forgetful, or is there still such a facility and I am being stupid and just cannot find it ?