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Email service Green????

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Email service Green????

I see email has been green for the past 5 or so hours. I'm still getting the odd time-out on my F9 account - but that isn't Plusnet ~exactly~ (or something).

Perhaps that green light is true right now - all is working - but only while nothing "surprising happens".

Yes, I know no-one predicted the massive increase in spam etc etc etc. But isn't a "robust network", one that can cope when the unexpected happens?

This is what I feel the scenario is, what is fair to expect from Pn email...

Its pretty borked right now - PN techs are working hard (I'm sure) to keep it from not falling over completely. They'll be keeping an eye on it, holding its hand, but it's a loosing battle and its bound to go a bit wrong almost very day, as it has been doing for ages. There's no point in working any harder to fix things as they are replacing the system soon: The week starting 21st nov I think was the latest news.

So expect the odd problem (ie don't rely on it) until some time after the 21st november - So just a few days to wait then. er, yeah - right!... it's a ~new system~

Isn't it usually fair to expect the odd hic-up or some "teething problems with ~any~ new system? Didn't PN postpone the introduction of this system "just in case"? This does demonstrate how no-one can know how reliable the new system will be until it goes live. Ok, so perhaps we shouldn't expect reliable email for while yet. So the question is how long will it be?

I am not having a go for the sake of it here. I am just being realistic.

Hand on heart plusnet, how long do you feel it will be before the email is properly back on track.

Or more to the point...

When would you be happy to gamble a weeks wages on the email system ~not~ falling over for at least a week?
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Plusnet Staff
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Email service Green????


The PlusNet email status is at green, but F9 is still at amber, the last update is posted at:

How long is it going to take to completely fix mail? Unfortunately I can't give a 100% answer on that, we are currently moving mail off of the new mail storage and back onto the Netapp and there are further mail servers onthe way, so to speak. Once we've resolved the issues with the storage that's affecting F9 and FOL customer mailboxes we should be in a better position to say. If Simon's reading this post he can probably give more details than I can.