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Email redirection troubles


Email redirection troubles

Can someone tell me if this is possible:
I own the domain which I also use for my email.

I would like to give an email address to : c l i v e, which must be only picked up by him using a password of his choice and not mine.

I have tried setting up a redirect in email settings where the first part I have entered clive, and the second part his nomal full email address that he uses. It doesnt seem to be working though as when I sent an email to the above example, it came to me instead.

Do I need to setup a mailbox and a redirect?? Confused
Many thanks
Steve Watkins
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Email redirection troubles

You could use a redirect, or setup a mailbox. I am not sure whether redirects and mailboxes work instantly, or if they take a bit to become operational. It has also been known for redirects to stop working at times, this has ahppened at least once Smiley

His login would then be to, username: steveuk+clive, password: what you set.
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Email redirection troubles

Hi there,

You can use a redirect or a mailboxes and looking at your account you were doing in correctly - but remember that it can take up to 4 hours for a mailbox to start working after you have set it up through the portal. By the looks of it you were deleting the redirects after about 20 minutes.


Email redirection troubles

I will try the redirect method again. I was a but hasty in deleting the setup as I wasn't sure what the outcome would be and I didnt want my emails sent to clive by mistake.

Many thanks for the excellent advice, its much appreciated.