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Email problem!

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Registered: 01-08-2007

Email problem!

Once again I find I can't retrieve my email. Just how bloody difficult is it for an ISP to provide the services that we are paying for?

Can't retrieve it via Thunderbird, so I thought I'd log into the webmail portal. Great, enter my username and password and I get a message saying that username/password isn't recognised!

What's going on? I want to read my email now!

Email problem!

They said it might be up to 24 hours from last night before all the email was cleared

Email Problems

Whilst I appreciate that problems like this can arise, and acknowledge that Plus Net have kept us fully informed through the Support pages, I do believe once the dust has settled and the problem has been fully investigated and the root cause determined then a full explanation should be emailed to all users.

Rightly or wrongly email has become the preferred method of communication for most individuals and companies and we have become dependant on it working. As well as my business I am involved with a number of voluntary groups whose members are located over a wide area and we are absolutely dependant on the email service working - particually at the weekend.

I work in IT and acknowledge that the majority of upgrades are scheduled for a Sunday when call centres are either closed or have low call volumes. This is what plus net should be doing for its business users. I would suggest that for 'home' customers this is not the best time.

Plus Net has a user group. Are maintainance schedules discussed with them? Service improvements and the like? I raised an issue via the user group concerning the Spam filter some 12 months ago [or even longer] and am still waiting for a reply!

On the whole I am a happy customer of plusnet but when problems like this arise I am afraid I just have to have my say.

Harold Cloutt

User Group

I wondered whether anyone from the user group was going to reply to my post.

Pleased to see that Plus net have come clean over the cause of some of the problems.