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Email mailboxes for registered domains


Email mailboxes for registered domains

I have recently registered a domain name through plusnet. Unfortunately, I do not appear to be able to set up a mailbox for this domain.

WIth my account, i can set up mailboxes to filter emails sent to and etc such that only person1 will see emails to person1 and only person2 will see emails sent to person2. Mailboxes are set up via the portal and are directly associated to your account and the associated email address.

I would very much like to do precisely the same for my registered domain, e.g. mailboxes for and etc.

WIthout this, of course, the email server will download to me (and everyone else at home downloading email to every email sent to, so i will clearly be able to see emails to and etc

Hence, does anyone know how to set up mailboxes for domains registered within plus net? Failing that, does anyone have any other ideas other than excessively complicated methods such as installing a mail server on a machine?

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Email mailboxes for registered domains

I think you query is similar to what mine was a while back:

i hope it helps

From what ive experienced - anyone sending an email to will go to your

and anyone sending email to will go to

just as will go to etc...
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Email mailboxes for registered domains

The email system works just on the name. So if you have a username called "john" mail to and will both arrive at the email box configured for "john". If you havent set up an email box for "john" then it will arrive at the default one.