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Email going astray


Email going astray

Hi there, new to f9, and not a techie! Set up email accts. each for myself, missus and kids in Outlook Xpress, sending emails is no problem, but receipt is a wee bit random - eg. all emails to me go to one of the kids inbox, not necessarily the same one each time. If anyone can point me in the right direction I'd be really grateful. Cheers.

Email going astray

Are you using more than one PC? Or more than one user under Windows XP?

It sounds like you've only using one Force9 mailbox and multiple copies of Outlook Express checking it. Each time a machine (or user under XP) checks the mail - it gets ALL the messages waiting for you. If the kids account checks the mail first, it gets the mails, etc. This would explain the seeming randomness of where the messages end up.

Have a look at "email settings" on the members section of the F9 website and create two more mailboxes (one for the kids and another for your wife). Or more if you want your kids to have an e-mail address each.

You'll need to change the account name in the "Incoming Mail Server" section in Outlook Express (under Tools->Accounts->Servers) to be something like


Where "wife" and "kids" are the names of the two extra mailboxes you've created. Each mailbox will have it's own password (although you could use the same one as your main account name).

You'd still pick up mail to the "napper" account name (no "+" plus or mailbox name after it). That way you'd get everything else.

I'd suggest naming the mailbox as whatever you want to appear before the "@" in your email address. (I'd guess your wife wouldn't want an e-mail address of

There are also things called aliases, which allows you to list alternate names for the mailbox. So your wife's mailbox could still be called "wife", but you could create aliases for "jill@napper", "jillian@napper", "gill@napper", "gillian@napper" and "jill.smith@napper" (assuming her name was Jill and your family name was Smith of course) so that no matter how someone spells her name it still ends up in the "wife" mailbox.

Depending on the age of your kids, you might also want to have a look at the "advanced" tabs within the mail accounts setting. There is a setting there marked "leave a copy of message on server". If you set that on, and set the message to be deleted after 7 or 14 days - you can add the kids mail account to your own copy of outlook express (and set the same settings). This would allow both your copy of outlook express and their copy to receive the same messages (effectly twice without being deleted from the server), and so you would be aware of any message they receive. You'd need to set the timeout of message to 7 or 14 days (otherwise the message would never be removed from F9's servers and it would take longer and longer for you to check your mail each time).

Hope that helps.
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Email going astray

Another thing you could consider is setting up your client to use IMAP rather than POP3 where the messages are held on F9's server and you see the same view of a mailbox whichever PC or account is being used. (you need to point to the imap server - F9 email help covers it).
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Multiple xp users on one pc. Will relook at it. Thanks for your help.