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Email delivery unacceptable for months now, goodbye Plusnet!


Email delivery unacceptable for months now, goodbye Plusnet!

I've had enough of getting into trouble from my customers because Plusnet are delivering emails very often 1 day late, and as much as 5 days!

This has been going on for months now and every time they just talk about temporary glitches and promise it will be back to normal soon.

Sorry, but there is no normal anymore! Sadly Plusnet have gone the same way as Demon before them. Perhaps it happens to all great companies who get purchased by a big corporation?

I have been with Plusnet a long time and recommended many friends to them, all of whom are now suffering the same problems. I am getting a reputation for unreliability through no fault of my own! I cannot tell you how angry and disappointed I am about this! The costs to me have been far more than the trivial broadband charges.

Thank you to all the hard working staff at Plusnet who used to provide such a great service and seem to be prevented from doing so now. I will now raise a ticket to request termination of my account.

Can anyone recommend a good broadband supplier now? Who is the new "Demon" or "Plusnet" for 2006?