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Ellacoya Networks Special Offer

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Ellacoya Networks Special Offer

The boards seem a bit down at the moment so I thought I post this I heard on the grapevine.

mods if you want to move it to general please do I'm posting it here to try and lighten to mood a bit ;-)


Ellacoya Networks have announced a special offer on their Hellacoya e30 Switches. Normally costing in excess of £120 000 the e30's are inteded to prioritise traffic and slow down certain protocols set by the user - common examples of their use include the obliteration of gaming ping and p2p / ftp / usenet traffic.

Under the offer the Hellacoya e30 Switches will be reduced in price by £30 000 on the production of 10 000 kit kat wrappers.

Ellacoya networks are confident that this will generate lots of orders for the e30's and feel that the kit kat offer will mean ISP's will be able to be more inventive with their special offers in future using the offers to help fund the purchase of more e30 switches.


Ellacoya Networks Special Offer

IT bods get munching !!
you will need those silver rappings to prop you network up
when it goes t*ts up

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Ellacoya Networks Special Offer

Have you had a look at the CS webcams. They don't need much encouragement. :lol: