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Eclipse of PlusNet... Any referal, please?


Eclipse of PlusNet... Any referal, please?

I have recommended PlusNet to as many friends and colleagues from work as possible. When they now tell my about their disconnection problems, I feel very embarrassed.

I would like to put end to my misery and move out to Eclipse.

I have noticed that they give £30 for a referral.. would anyone out there like to refer me?

Eclipse of PlusNet... Any referal, please?

Hi there.

Can I suggest that the Eclipse forum on ADSL Guide might be the best way to do this.

This forum is best suited to community support and feedback regarding PlusNets products and services and as such might not be the best place to seek a referral for another isp. Smiley


ha! ha! ha! You are right! I dont REALLY want to jump the PlusNet ship... but they are making me go with the LLU mess... Hope that they will react before I give up...

Eclipse of PlusNet... Any referal, please?

I dont REALLY want to jump the PlusNet ship... but they are making me go with the LLU mess

Hi there,

I do appreciate your difficulty and the frustration you and others must be experiencing, however, whilst maybe of little comfort, no one in PlusNet wants or expects customers to feel the pain some of us are currently experiencing.

They will work and indeed are working to sort this out and to ensure that we customers receive the service and quality of support which we expect.

I know that it seems to be a long time coming and I know that errors and mistakes have been made, but think of it this way, PlusNet dont want the bad publicity or bad feeling at the minute. Their business model is based on referrals. If they dont perform, their growth suffers. They as a business are very aware of this and are working with the various third parties and internally to turn things around.

Too late for some, but it will be turned around. This week has seen a dramatic reduction in call wait times, I think yesterday james said it was down to 9 minutes. Thats a hell of an improvement on what we have experienced recently.

To me that shows that something is working.

The future plans for network expenditure and resilience will also go a long way towards returning things to the level many of us have experienced with this ISP in the past.

I am an optomist by nature, but I talk to and work with some of the key people in PN on a very regular basis as part of the UserGroup. I know that the drive and enthusiasm within the company is real and from that I form the belief that they will sort this and deliver what we expect and indeed deserve.

Hang in there. It will get better. Smiley

Eclipse of PlusNet... Any referal, please?

Hi there, pcsni,

Thanks for the positive words. I wished that you were right... and problably 90% of the customer here would think the same.

But it is hard to believe that PlusNet will be the same again. PN stuff must be pretty tired of so many complaints and frustrated for not being able to respond to them. The company is not the same as 1-2 years go. LLU has made their and our lives pretty miserable... Smiley

I have been complaining about why my VPN IPsec traffic is not flowing correctly in the evenings. Silence, so far. (4 days ago).

Today I decided to cancel PlusNet Home Phone package before it was activated. I have lost my faith in this company. If they do not react in a week time, I will jump ship... life is too short to get angry, isnt it? Smiley

All the best