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Easy start activation delays ?


Easy start activation delays ?

Hi ,
Was wondering if someone could find out about my activation of easy start as the checker has been sat on checking bank deatils for 6/7 days now and thought it should only take 3.

Sorry if i got it wrong just i really really need BB by the 19th novemeber PLEASE......................

Thanks and can't wait

Chuffy. Cheesy
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Easy start activation delays ?


I can't go into details about individual account payments here, however I can say what you already know - the bank has not yet informed us that your DD is setup. If you want to speed this up, I would advise you ring us up with some credit card details and we will order your ADSL immediately. Other than that, I'm afraid the time this will take is not within our control, but all being well we will have your ADSL up and running 5 working days after we receive confirmation back from the bank...



Easy start activation delays ?

Thanks for the quick reply,
unfortuately don't have access to a credit card so unfortuately DD is the only way, sounds like ill still get it all sorted by 19th so thats okay. I'm glad that your support is so good and helpful Cheesy