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E-mails won't send


E-mails won't send

Yet again Plusnet create problems for us and themselves!!!!!

This morning I tried to send mails out only for errors to appear. I go to the Plusnet's support pages and find that work is being carried out and we all need to make changes.

WHY do PLusnet not contact us first and warn us? God knows how much hassle this would save us and Plusnet (how many calls have they had about thisHuhHuh??).



RE: E-mails won't send

Hi Neil,

I can totally understand your point but to be quite honest, the service status page is the best place to put an announcement of this nature. The reason being that due to the number of customers we have, in order to email everyone in advance with prior notification of these changes, it would no doubt take as long as for you to notice the service status announcement on our portal!

If anyone experiences problems of any nature (assuming a connection to the internet is available), the portal service status should be your first port of call. This is the method we use to make announcements and to notify customers of problems in a timely manner.


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