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E-mail problems?


E-mail problems?

Is there a problem with the email servers?

The reason I ask is because I have about seven of them and only the first two and the postmaster one, are allowing mail through.

All the others revert to a box that says: please enter your name and password for the following server.

I haven't touched any of my passwords or names. Why should the first two download ok and not the rest?

I get the message and error using Outlook Express, I just get locked out when I try and access them from the webmail.

Thank you.
Plusnet Staff
Plusnet Staff
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E-mail problems?

Hi John,

I've not seen any other problems reported and all seems OK for me.

I ran a quick check on your mailboxes and they don't show any problems and log in fine.

Can you try it again and see if it's OK now, I'd suggest re-entering the username and password into Outlook Express in case it's been accidentically overtyped when it failed.

E-mail problems?

Hi Dave

Sorry about the delay getting back to you; I signed off for the night.

I tried my email this morning and everything worked a treat, must have been one of those gremlins that pester us all every once in a while! Smiley