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E-mail checker getting stuck ...


E-mail checker getting stuck ...

Not sure why, but when I try to "send and receive" e-mail and it goes through the percentage counter, mine is getting stuck at around 6% to 12% and will not move on, so I am unable send or receive any e-mail. The outgoing mail goes to the outbox and stays there. This has been happening over the past 48 hours or so.

Tried raising a "new ticket" at PlusNet but that connection will not work either.


Re: E-mail checker getting stuck ...

What is the error that you are getting when trying to raise a new ticket?

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E-mail checker getting stuck ...

access the webmail and read/delete all new msg
then try again from outlook express
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E-mail checker getting stuck ...

Do you have any anti-virus software that scans email. If so, try disabling it to see if it is at fault.

Also do the same for any software firewall.

Also try rebooting all equipment (PC, ADSL router etc).