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E-Mail Problem


E-Mail Problem

I've been trying to send an email since last night to a friend. The email has an attachment of just over 6mb in size, which a file that has been zipped up (rar). It has continually failed to send and the message is:

A time-out occurred while communicating with the server. Subject 'Tom Sawyer', Account: 'keith', Server: '', Protocol: SMTP, Port: 25, Secure(SSL): No, Error Number: 0x800CCC19

Is this a fault my end, is the attachment too large perhaps? Or is there a problem at the Pn end? Other emails without attachments have sent fine though, which puzzles me.

Thanks in advance for any guidance as I really need the recipient to get the attaching file very quickly.


E-Mail Problem

Hi there,

A couple of things can cause this.

1 Misconfigured Antivirus Product (especially Norton AV)
2 Possible incorrectly set MTU value at your end.

Try sending with your AV product disabled or let us know if you have played with your MTU settings.

BTW what size is the attachment

E-Mail Problem

Thanks for the quick reply pcsni, once again you are on hand to help. Plusnet should offer you a job! Wink

It was indeed the AV protection, which once disabled allowed the email to send. The file size was just over 6mb and was a zipped file using winrar.

I use AVG (free edition) as my AV protection and clearly it is misconfigured as you suggest. I now have to try and fathom out in what way, it's all a bit heavy for me.


E-Mail Problem

Glad your sorted.

AVG may be blocking the file because of its type.

Although you have zipped it, If it is an exe or other executable file, AVG may see it as suspicious and block it.

E-Mail Problem

It was an mp3 as it happens. I've just stopped AVG scanning outbound messages to resolve the problem and will leave it at that.

Thanks again.
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E-Mail Problem

Another note, you may need to make sure you give AVG access to the internet in your Firewall Settings.

I know that if you have Norton Antivirus and ZoneAlarm, you have to give the Norton SMTP engine access to the internet or Outlook will throw up a cannot connect to server message.
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E-Mail Problem

Same with AVG, I had to help someone recently because they couldn't get thier e-mails after an update to AVG. Turns out after the update zonealarm wanted permission to continue to let AVG access the internet they were refusing AVG.