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Drop internet connections


Drop internet connections

:?: Can any one help?
How can I stop my internet connection dropping when my normal phone is used, incoming or outgoing calls?
All spitters are in place what you supplied
The modem is a PCI board again which you supplied.
I am using WinXP.
Any ideas?

Drop internet connections

if everything is setup correctly there is no reason why that should happen.
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Drop internet connections

Hi there,

This should not be happening. However this issue does sound like a filter issue. Can you please try using a different filter, with no other devices connected on the circuit. It might also be worth trying a different phone handset to see if this is the cause.

If this continues, please raise a ticket on your account stating what you have tried and we can investigate further.



Drop internet connections


I am no expert, but the first thing that I would check is the filter(s).

Are they set up correctly (*every* phone needs to have its route pass through a filter between the main intake and the phone - so that could be one filter at the main box off which all extensions come, or 1 filter per phone, or variations on this).

Also, even if an extension is not used (i.e. just has a box at the end) you may need a filter on it.

Perhaps you have an extension that isn't filtered?

If all of this is OK, then I would next be suspicious of the filter itself.

If you have more than 1 filter, try detaching all of the phones *and extensions* except one and try each filter in turn on that one phone (hope you have a mobile to phone home Shocked) ).

If only 1 filter, I would try getting another from Maplins or Argos, where you can return it if the original is fine.

Hope this helps

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Drop internet connections

Also, even if an extension is not used (i.e. just has a box at the end) you may need a filter on it.

No need for this.

Make sure you run the ADSL modem through a filter/splitter, there have been reports of what you have by others and fitting a filting/splitter to the ADSL modem solved it.

Also don't forget to filter things like sky boxes, faxes etc, in fact anything that plugs into an extension.

Drop internet connections

ya live and learn Shocked)
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Drop internet connections

Personally I would recommend a faceplate splitter at the master socket.

1 you only need one

2 there's no uncertainty as to what's filtered and what isn't

3 the phone works slightly better

4 there should be slightly less loss, especially if you have lots of extensions.

I don't have my computer by the master socket but I just happened to have a lot of RJ11 leads left over from an old printer sharer, perfect for a DSL extension.
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Drop internet connections

coaxial - could you recommend a good source to get these? Also do can these be installed yourself or do you need BT?


Drop internet connections

Clarity and ADSL Nation provide these.

Clarity provide a customised one, which allows for both filtered and unfiltered extentions in your house.

The standard faceplate will only allow the modem to be connected to the master faceplate.