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Dreamweaver 8, PHP and MySql on plusnet's servers


Dreamweaver 8, PHP and MySql on plusnet's servers

I am having problems creating a database connection from within Dreamweaver 8.
I am using the following:
server: rumpus
password: ***************
database: spblack111058_pn

Hitting the test button brings up an error 'An unidentified error has occurred'. The same happens if you leave the database name blank and hit the 'Select...' button.
I have also tried '' as the server name, without success.
I can successfully connect to my database using the MySQL Administrator software, using '' as the server name. I can also write a php script to manually connect to mysql.

The problem is obviously something to do with the scripts provided with Dreamweaver in the _mmServerScripts folder and any help would be appreciated.

I want to use this because Dreamweaver has some server behaviours built in that I need.
I have had this working in a previous version of Dreamweaver on plusnet's old cgi server, so I suppose something may have changed on either of those.

I've posted this problem on Macromedia's forum but haven't had a satisfctory answer.

Dreamweaver 8, PHP and MySql on plusnet's servers

Solved this. Dreamweaver had created two php files on my ccgi site inside the folder _mmServerScripts. These two files did not have their execute permissions set. Dreamweaver was then suppressing the error normally returned when this is the case and gave out the bland 'unidentified' error.

I manually ftp'ed to the site and set the permissions and everything is ok.