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Dreadful site design


Dreadful site design

Perhaps some time could be spent on the design of the members centre. If the functionality / tools were logically presented, were logically presented rather than randomly buried several pages deep (eg to view an ongoing query you need to click "raise new query??). People wouldn't need to ring up so much, which would probably result in less phone calls / quicker response times.

Oh and responding to the email address provided for responses (rather than the general one held for billing etc) when a query was raised might be a good idea too!!

Take my example when I moved house recently . . .

A few days before moving I went online and tried to sort out my broadband connection, I read the FAQ couldn't find anything helpful about how to sort it out electronically so rang the helpline. . .

I was helpfully advised about how to raise a query using the online form which I did, leving my work email address as a contact (as obviously my home PC was being packed and the new house wouldn't have a broadband line). . .

I got a swift acknowledgement at work, moved house, gradually unpacked and about 2 weeks after moving plugged in the adsl modem. . . no line sync . . . hmmm unpacked a few more boxes and eventually located an old fashoined modem, used my connection at work to discover some dial up connection settings (I hadn't used dial up for about 3 yeasrs) and now on Saturday get everything going and online. . .

Discovered that my query had helpfully been closed and notified to my home email address (difficult to access without an internet connection) Apparently I needed to use the house move tool which is located under "connection settings" of the "my account page" . . .

I finally found it - after about 20 minutes of random (but slow loading) clicking (there is no "connection settings" link on the "my account" page. . . I now discover that I must wait a further 10 days to get the broadband enabled . . .

Why wasn't I directed to this tool when I rang up?

Why wasn't the query progress sent to the specified email?

Why couldn't Metronet have acted on my query raised though the query tool anyway?

Having been 3 weeks without a home connection I must now wait a further 10 days for one thats worth using. Never mind I guess I can use the time spent waiting for things to download to finish unpacking.

George Evil