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Dreadful Speeds


Dreadful Speeds

I've been getting really poor speeds for the last couple of days, what's going on?

I'm getting 516 Kbps from a 2MB connection, which is ridiculous. I just wonder how PN are going to cope when 8MB goes live.

Dreadful Speeds

good for you.

516K is not discraseful in any respect. its perfectly acceptable for a 2mbit service considering sub 400K is considered the lowest bound on 2mbit adsl.

its a shared service. Get used to contention. ITs the way the makets going now. Now that broadband is taking off and the pricing structure of centrals is all messed up u dont really have much room to expect anywhere near 8mbit.

Adsl has no guarentees about speed although if its lower than 400K then it can be looked at as a fault.

Now as for your speed its either
1. Contention at BT
2. your on the realm which appears to currently be having problems.
3. Your on god knows what version of plusnets Traffic managment profle

Run a bt speed test. if it looks ok then raise a ticket.

(sorry for coming off a bit harsh their. Not in the best of moods right now)

Dreadful Speeds

What the hell are you talking about 516k is not 'dicraseful' as you put it, no it's link:censored appalling. So what on an 8Mb connection 500k will also be acceptable will it? If you're in a bad mood then don't come on here talking crap you IDIOT.

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Dreadful Speeds

Nice way to get help. You may find if you are pleasant to people, they are more willing to help you.

What he was telling you was valid. As far as BT are concerend, 512 on a 2Mb line is acceptable.

His other comments about the possibility of being on management are also valid - as is his advice about a BT test, and then raising a ticket.

Dreadful Speeds

512k is a 4th of ur connection speed :/

am i missing something. Until last year most of us only had 512K default

for a 2mbit connection is not good but its not discraseful. discraseful/appalling is far to harsh

for 8mbit it WONT be acceptable because as far as i know 8mbit will have a higher minimal than 400K that 2mbit does. The fact that i'm currently getting ok speeds along with most means that your either an isolated insident or ur one of the poor sods on teh realm.

do what i said, do a BT test rule out that. Then go shout at plusnet to go and fix it.

Was just trying to help m8, but i do feel you are overreacting a bit and dont call me an idiot thanks. If thats how ur going to act then u can go look elsewhere for help! :/

2Questions. Are you on premier? what protocols is teh slowdown on?