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Drastic change in Download Speed


Drastic change in Download Speed

Typical speeds upto now have been:

DOWNLOAD: 3000-4000kbps
UPLOAD: 350-400kbps

Since last night however:

And from BT Speedtest:

Test1 comprises of Best Effort Test: -provides background information.
IP profile for your line is - 135 kbps
DSL connection rate: 448 kbps(UP-STREAM) 4736 kbps(DOWN-STREAM)
Actual IP throughput achieved during the test was - 116 kbps

What is going onHuh Help please.
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Drastic change in Download Speed

Your equipment has resynched at a stupidly low level so BT have kind changed your bRAS to 160Kbps.

If you're sync speeds remain the same for the next 2-3 days, your speeds will then return to what they used to be, however this is unfortunately a drawback of BT Max ADSL service.

If it helps at all, exactly the same thing happened to my connection and I fully understand how much of a pain it is.

Drastic change in Download Speed

Thank you for the prompt reply James Smiley

It's like going back to the dark ages, memories of ISDN many many years ago :shock:

I'll leave it a few days, whilst regularly reseting and checking my router.

Thanks again.