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I must admit that it seems odd that broadband was pushed as always on and always available etc. With this new idle and shaping stuff (which I dont understand to be fair), it seems that the original intentions are being stretched now. However, I can to a certain degree (limited as it is) understand why the network needs to be managed.

Anyway, my main point is I wonder at what point the upstream restrictions will be increased?

It seems they are still at 256 - even on the 2mb+ download speeds that have been brought in.

A little increase would be great.

Thanks for listening.

PS: PAYG customers should have the least (or no) management applied to their service as they buy there download allocation up front. Is this a fair opinion?


This is currently a limitation of the wholesale product PlusNet supply to the customer.

These are obtained from BT, and the only speeds BT supply include 256kbps upstream.

There are plans to increase the upstream with the MaxDSL product that is due for public trial later this year.