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Downloads vs data transfer


Downloads vs data transfer

Hey all,

I have the impression that a few months back the talk about imposing usage restrictions concentrated on downloads - as far as my failing memory serves, we were told that uploads weren't being looked at as far as restrictions go, just downloads. Everywhere I look now I get the impression that it's (total) data transfer that's being measured - indeed, my own bandwidth monitor confirms that the "my usage" tool is measuring up- and downloads. I'm pretty sure that in the past it was just downloads.

Is it just me, or has this changed? I understand the need for a SUP, and can accept the imposition of traffic shaping in the context of "free" speed upgrades. But the subtle and unnanounced (or was it?) inclusion of uploads in the restrictions is a bit of a double whammy for those of us who pay for Premier specifically to access P2P and use private trackers, thereby needing to keep good ratios. I'm not only having my download speeds reduced at times (traffic shaping), but the amount I can download is also halved as all data I seed is also beings measured. As a consequence, my usage has gone from 6 GB in July to nearly 39GB last month. The vast majority of this has been transfered away from peak time, but it does look like I've gone from a low user to a potential "abuser" with little change in my actual activity. I guess gamers are feeling this just as accutely as most of their activity will, by necessity, be during peak hours.

Sorry if this has been addressed elsewhere, but the boards are moving so fast nowadays it's hard to keep up.



Downloads vs data transfer

I think it was the FUP (Fair Usage Policy) which had the thing about only downstream traffic being included in the figures. The FUP was later scrapped, and although the SUP (Sustainable Usage Policy) is sort of a reincarnation of the FUP, there are a few changes - the most relevant being the fact that, as far as I know, the SUP includes all traffic (downstream and upstream).

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Downloads vs data transfer

The figures in the SUP are of total usage and not just download. In the Fair Usage Policy we considered counting just download, however this policy was not introduced.