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Download Speeds. not replying to tickets. MAC Code.


Download Speeds. not replying to tickets. MAC Code.

I am currently getting download speeds of around:-

HTML - 10k/s
Newsgroups - 4k/s per connection

This is diabolical!!!

I am currently on's 2mbit Premier package. I recently (15.09.2005) complained about getting slow connection speeds of 40k/s on Newsgroups, but browsing and HTML was fine, to which I was told:

"We are not restricting the news servers that much.
If we were restricting the speed then all of our custoemr would be affected and we would have a lot of complaints."

Then, a few hours later I received the following email:

"It has come to our attention that you have been heavily using your broadband service in recent months. This amount of usage is not sustainable for your product type."

Which is frankly "Rubbish!" as the Premier package was sold to me, by a telephone operator, and even here on the website as:

"No need to keep track of how much you download". (Don't worry I have kept screen shots and saved the html to my HDD in case they change it).

I re-contact and they basically tell me there's no product currently available that would suit me within's range, and that it's tough that I my line is being throttled at peak times (4pm to 12am). And, that I can only download 100mb per month, with only 30mb being between 4pm to 12am.

I then, after a week or so of stewing and getting mad, ask for my MAC code to be sent to me so I can move to Freedom2Surf. I get my MAC code sent to me with an hour, and I cancel my Direct Debit for future payments to (last payment was 3 days ago).

I then, last night, sign up to Freedom2Surf, who have sent me my details today.

Now, when I go to use the internet today it is very slow. I am getting ~10k/s when browsing or downloading from sites that I used to get well over 200k/ from. My Newsgroup downloads are coming down at 4k/s, per connection (x5).

I moved from Pipex to 3 months ago because I heard good things about, and they were also over £10 cheaper per month. Now I see why they are cheaper - they are cowboys.

I have been stung for doing something that they didn't state as wrong in any contract. Then renew the contract and still punnish me for something that they didn't explain as wrong.

I have tried phoning tonight, but after a 25+ minute wait, the phone was answered, I heard laughing, and they just hung up!!!

I still have a couple of tickets that haven't been properly answered too, dating from 4 days+.

Good riddance to bad news.

I have made sure that all of my customers (business and home) know about these cowboys. Our customer base is most of North Devon (3000 sites).