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Don't Blame the CSC Agent!


Don't Blame the CSC Agent!

It doesn't take a genius to see that all is not well with PlusNet support services at the moment. I have been with PlusNet for 4 years and as an IT Consultant I have made recommendation of their services on countless occasions, with all of my clients being (mostly happy) PlusNet members too.

Sadly it was obvious that their reputation would change when they announced a premium rate phone line. In my book this is tantamount to moving the CSC eastwards! I imagine that the management team responsible for recent changes – and current woes – will be very busy, if they are still employed!

I have attempted to contact PlusNet recently by phone. I was informed that the wait would be in excess of an hour. Why would anyone wait for an hour? Life is way too short. Doing so would mean give rise to the inevitability of displaying a “short temper” when a CSC agent eventually answers. This would be unfair for both parties.

Currently I don’t have any outstanding issues/tickets (except a complaint which has been outstanding for long enough to have become irrelevant). However several of my clients do have tickets open, some of which have been unanswered for several days.

I am now under pressure to resolve these issues, where possible, or my clients may want to go elsewhere for their ISP. And if one does, they will all have to. I am not in the business of patronizing more than one ISP as it creates additional support overhead for me.

Personally I am not convinced that the broadband consumer market is ready for 8mb DSL speeds. So much seems to be dependent on BT. And if the current PlusNet support saga is any indication, perhaps we should stick with a “slower” service for the sake of continuity of service and our sanity.

Whatever happened to dial-up? Or tin cans and string?

By the way, if anyone knows of a quicker way to gain a response to the following tickets I would be most grateful.


Don't Blame the CSC Agent!

Hi there,

Welcome to the forums.

I fully appreciate your difficulty and concerns but there is currently a backlog with tickets in the CSC. They are working hard to reduce the levels and tbh its all hands to the pumps right now, from the top down.

The tickets will be actioned, but maybe not as quickly as normal.

If you have heard nothing by this time tomorrow, post back and well see if we can get it nudged in the right direction by the Comms Team.

Don't Blame the CSC Agent!

Thank you.
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Don't Blame the CSC Agent!

I've taken that as a gentle nudge, and I've had a look at all three questions for you and provided further updates.

Nicely Nudged!

I appreciate your involvment. Thank you.

Don't Blame the CSC Agent!

I cant help but be slightly concerned at the fact that i've seen many people now get 'fast track' ticket updates via the forum. Im really happy that plus net are here and reading it, its great. But some people who cant get a connection cant get to these forums to even get an understanding to the problems with the CSC at plus net.

Anyway keep up the hard work guys, and hopefully these problems with such a back log will never be allowed to happen again.

Don't Blame the CSC Agent!

This is common when support staff are overworked.
The structure is lost, and the support agents spend all day starting things, but none of the day finishing them. They then go home having acheived nothing and so the cycle continues.

I have seen numerous posts in this forum from PN staff, who promise to "personally look in to" an issue. Then, days later, the person that has the problem posts back in the forum saying nothing has changed.

Basically, it is classic too many customers, not enough staff. The great thing about this kind of situation is that it is normally self rectifying. Customers will continue to leave in disgust until their number is at a manageable level once again.
Unfortunately, the company will then restore its reputation, more customers will come, and then the whole thing goes to shit again.

I doubt PN going PLC has helped, support staff are very hard to justify in the budget as they don't "earn" any money for the company. No doubt the management are on big bonuses to keep costs down and profits up - and a major cost is people.

PlusNet clearly don't have the vision to invest in a support infrastructure and keep their customers happy. Quite odd for a company that makes such a big thing out of customer recommendations.

Re: Don't Blame the CSC Agent!

I am now under pressure to resolve these issues, where possible, or my clients may want to go elsewhere for their ISP. And if one does, they will all have to. I am not in the business of patronizing more than one ISP as it creates additional support overhead for me.

Have you checked to see if any of your customers have been LLU'd?
If they have I'm afraid it won't be so easy to just move them to another provider without cost or downtime or both.

Don't Blame the CSC Agent!

That's a good point. I believe only one of them is in that state right now - that's having a problem! I guess that is one more issue that I have to be knowledgeable about in order to provide an effective consultancy! Great! :?