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Does anyone know who governs ISP's?


Does anyone know who governs ISP's?

Oftel govern BT, who governs ISP's?

Why you ask? Because for a week now I've been on this crappy speed management thing dispite being below 100gb in the last month and having a ticket raised for 7 days.

I'm getting no more than 3kbs at home, most sites i try to access at home simply aren't loading up (thank god for work internet).

Whats more frustrating is im told im on peak time management for good now as ive requested my MAC key, yet another friend of mine who also experianced the quota cock up and is moving to Zen net next week (MAC key recieved two days ago) had his management lifted within 24 hours.

My ticket is still open and if its not sorted in 24 hours i want to know who to complain to.


Does anyone know who governs ISP's?

If you are not happy with any isp, there is a body you have to contact, every isp in the uk has to be a member of it, if its not, then it breaking the law.

have a look on the ofcom website, its on there somewhere.

However 24 hours is not enough time to get a problem fixed, think the min time you have to give is about 7 days.

Just found this :
and this
Internet Service Providers must belong to an ADR scheme. They’re breaking important consumer protection rules if they don’t. So if your Internet Service Provider won’t tell you about its ADR scheme, we need to know about the company so we can take action. Please tell us what they said by filling in our online complaint form.
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Does anyone know who governs ISP's?

There are methods of complaint but there's not official regulator as such. Sayind that, ISPs would cover the remit of Ofcom, so you could complain to them.

If you're not happy, you should take a look at Plusnet's Code of Practice and Complaints procedure.

You can complain to ISPA, but they don't really take action, but rather pass complaints onto ISPs / help you to get things sorted.

Does anyone know who governs ISP's?


With any luck my last ticket will be actioned before i get chance to complain.

Its bcoming a right pain!