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Does Plusnet block or filter common P2P download ports?

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Registered: 18-09-2007

Does Plusnet block or filter common P2P download ports?

My connection is currently running at 5.6mbps but the last few weeks when downloading from p2p sites such as Limewire, my connection speed between 9am and 11pm is less than 5KB/s.

My account is not under restrictions of any kind that I am aware of and the speed of Limewire speeds up drastically after midnight.

However, I understand that more people will be sharing my Plusnet connection during peak hours (is it up to 50?) but as I am connected at 5.6 mbps, I cannot understand why Limewire is connecting at such a slow speed if some sort of restriction is not being applied by Plusnet on p2p downloads.

I have tried changing the port numbers in Limewire with no effect and emule is also running rediculously slow considering I have a very fast connection.

Interestingly enough, web pages and other online sites/downloads tend to run at the expected fast speed.

Can anyone advise on this matter please? A statement by Plusnet would also be appreciated.

Plusnet, do you deliberately filter or in some way restrict the download speeds of p2p connections for your customers? a straigt response would be appreciated.

Many thanks