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Do you not want sales??


Do you not want sales??


I have been trying to upgrade my a/c to easystart 512 from a dial up a/c but as that option does not appear on the upgrade path via the website I had to raise a contact us ticket.

It is now well after 24 hours since rasing the ticket and it still hasn't been processed by your provisionings department. This means another day wasted in waiting for the service.

I have phoned several times but no one will help and physically speak to them to find out when it will be started.

If not I will have to start looking for another isp for me and all my recomendadtions at work.


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Do you not want sales??

Hi Mark,

Apologies for this, your ticket was incorrectly assigned to the wrong department and as such a number of delays were added into the process. I have now actioned your upgrade and the process should take 7-10 days from now. You can follow the progress of this in the ADSL Tracker on the portal.