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Do you have DNS problems then read this....


Do you have DNS problems then read this....

I used to use the default PN DNS servers, until I was forwarded this link by a friend.

Its a large DNS cache farm that caches everything and they are faster then the PN servers.

Go on I dare you to try it. It only takes a second to change
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Do you have DNS problems then read this....

This has been posted several times, and usually when DNS problems are apparent.
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Do you have DNS problems then read this....

Copied from here:

Beware of Geeks bearing gifts :-)

OpenDNS.COM may appear to be offering a fast reliable service but in reality OpenDNS.COM is a commercial setup and they are breaking the way DNS works although I admit they do offer some advantages. Maybe there are more negative issues that people need to consider.

1.) is *NOT* faster than PN (except in cases where PN's server times out on you); OpenDNS's servers are located in the States. Average querey times using PN took 53ms, queries to OpenDNS will take a minimum of 120ms simply because of the ping time in accessing such distant servers.

2.) have a lot of storage so they can profile which sites you visit. Where PN are bound by data protection measures OpenDNS are not; they can sell your site access profile to whomever they like. They will know every single machine that you contact and not just for websites.

3.) Because OpenDNS always return a DNS address even when there shouldn't be one you may get incorrect error reports when trying to FTP/SSH/Torrent. All these services and many others will report an error along the lines of "service not running at address" instead of "unknown address". This could break some programs but is more likely to waste your time when you fail to type an address correctly and don't understand why the service you are connecting to is not responding. (The only exception to this is HTTP where you will get a page of targeted adverts from OpenDNS for each misspelled URL - remind me again how they know what adverts to show you....)

If you really want a faster service you would best be advised to use one without other commercial interests and this is in the UK so it is close enough to respond quickly to any DNS query.


Do you have DNS problems then read this....

If you have read the coming soon pages you will see the that they are opening a data centre in London which most of us in the East of England connect to.

I run my own Windows 2003 DNS server and the forwarders used to point to PN but when I pointed to openDNS I would say the speed of resolution doubled just by repointing it.

Maybe you should try it before you knock it. I am reporting on my own tests and I am very happy with the speed that open DNS gives me.

Do you have DNS problems then read this....

Speed of lookup shouldn't come into it if you want security though. I also run my own DNS servers, one in amsterdam and one in texas, both doing lookups at the root servers. It's not like I need a name looked up in under 50ms.

The advantage is that when I do a lookup, I am getting the real data. What happens if someone at opendns decides to point a site like paypal somewhere else? The SSL cert for paypal would work for whichever server they redirected to and you would be none the wiser. Might be unlikely, but I'd rather not take the chance.