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Do other ISP's have these problems too?


Do other ISP's have these problems too?

I'm signed up for the announcments etc by email.

Every day I get several problems etc in my inbox, where there is a problem here or a problem there etc.
Yes, most time the resolved report comes along shortly after, there is also a lot of many will experience a slight disconnection type message for during the early hours.

Now I don't want to knock PN as in a way I think it's excellent, that we get instant emails telling us of a problem here or there & when it is resolved or if it will affect certain users etc.

What I want to know is do other ISP's have a similar amount of problems/fixes & report it the same?
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Do other ISP's have these problems too?

Most ISPs do not report problems with as much detail as Plusnet do. For example, planned maintenance is not mentioned by most ISPs, nor are minor issues. Only major issues which might affect the internet access of thousands of customers tend to get announced as service status postings.

Plusnet's Service Status is just very detailed, and they tend to mention everything that could affect all aspects of the service, or just a limited amount of customers.
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Do other ISP's have these problems too?

Most ISP's wont openly let you know of technical problems that are happening, you would have to ring a premium number when your connection dies for no apparent reason. Many of the emails are just to inform of routine work.

The real question is: How many of these problems affect you? Probably very few.

It is far better, I feel, to not subscribe to the emails and just check on the forum if and when you have a problem.

These forums harbour many disgruntled users but to be honest what Plusnet offer as standard in their packages: hosting, cgi, usenet etc... I think is a real bonus and these forums also harbour nearly every question I have needed answering and if not after posting my query the answer has appeared within hours if not minutes.