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Do not click on any SPAM


Do not click on any SPAM

I know this should be part of the spam threads but am posting it separately to highlight the risks.

Many may be relieved to see that the last batch of spam consists of incredibly cheap offers for Adobe products.

The problem is, some may be tempted to click on the link and download a 'bargain'.

Unfortunately that 'bargain' will probably consist of/or contain a large payload of trojans and nasties of all kinds. These are very difficult to clean. Your PC will be taken over and used by criminals and you may never know.

Not to mention that if you want to purchase that 'bargain software', you will be asked to give credit card details and personal information.

Please all be warned: a click on any spam is the worst thing anyone could possibly do.

I think PN should have sent a clear warning to all customers about this. Do not assume that everyone will know already, it's not so.

Do not click on any SPAM

To avoid confusion/duplication, can we please keep all discussion of the ongoing mail/spam issues to this thread thanks.