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Do falied connection attempts use up my data allowance?

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Do falied connection attempts use up my data allowance?

If I use the Gnuttela or other peer to peer, I notice that data transfer light on my USB modem flashes often when the program is not running and I'm doing nothing else on the pc.

When I look in the firewall log I can see that the firewall is blocking access repeatedly to the port used by my P2P.

The firewall is configued to "allow connect" and "allow server" on this port, but presumeably traffic can only go through when the P2P program is running.


... bearing in mind I am on PAYG, is my data transfer allowance being used up by these unsuccessful attempt to connect to my P2P program when it is not running?

If so, as the attempts come through every second or so - how much will be used?

Or does connection I haven't invited cause no meter reading, and, in that respect, how does the meter treat all those other random blocks that the firewall blocks and that flash the data transfer light on the modem?
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Do falied connection attempts use up my data allowance?

When you run a P2P app and see files, other P2P apps are told about you so anyone who wants the files you are seeding know where to get them from. Even though yo may have stopped your P2P app, requests will still come in from other P2P apps that were told about your seeded files. This activity will continue for a period of time until the P2P apps decide your connection is no longer up and will try elsewhere.

Any data that travels down your adsl line is counted towards your traffic allowance so the failed attempts will be counted, but as long as you are not getting 1000s of connections, they will use very little data and is nothing to worry about..

Do falied connection attempts use up my data allowance?

It will use some allowance of course because you are recieving packets which contain data, but the connect attempt will be a packet of only several bytes, probably about 20 bytes or something like that tops, I can't remember off the top of my head but they are very small so will not make much difference, so of course theoretically the random portscans which you get on the internet will also show up as a small amount of data transfer but once again not very much.