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Do I need to tell PN that I have left?


Do I need to tell PN that I have left?

I have migrated to ZEN but I still get all the emails from PN. Today I received an email saying that my speed restriction has been lifted. The funny thing is that when I asked PN customer services before I migrated if my 1kb/s speeds where due to speed restrictions imposed on my account they replied:

Actioned : Dear Dr Olszewski,
I have looked at your account and can see no inforamtion that would conferm you have been limited. I would sugest that because you havent received an email that its not been limited.


today I got this email:

Subject: 'Passed billing date - Peak Time Usage Management Removed'
Your username: molszewski

Dear Dr Milosz Olszewski,

This email is to notify you that you have successfully passed your billing date therefore peak-time usage management has been removed from your service.

To avoid further restrictions to your service please schedule large downloads for off-peak times.

Thank you for your cooperation.

Kind Regards,
PlusNet Customer Support

Should I tell PN to stop sending me the emails or will it happen automatically?
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Do I need to tell PN that I have left?

a quick email to tell them you have migrated woulnt go amiss

its prob that the migration has gone though but your account is still active for the remainder of any notice period outstanding

hence why u still recieve communications
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Do I need to tell PN that I have left?

Its always advisable to raise a ticket once your migration is complete, so that your account can be closed off. As we are not always notified by BT that the connection has been moved to another ISP.