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Do I need to leave my router on?


Do I need to leave my router on?

Since yesterday I've been getting speed tests (ADSLGuide and PlusNet) of around 100k on my 1MB line which usually tests around 800-900K. My router is showing a line rate of 1152K and 10.2 dB noise margin. I've gone through the online test and answered all the questions but I was just wondering whether to power down the router for a couple of hours or do I now need to leave it on?

Do I need to leave my router on?

One of the first thinks I do if I am having speed problems is to reboot PC and router and often that clears the problem for me. I think turning something off and on again is always a good idea to begin with.
If Im not experiencing any problems then I simply leave the router on.

Connect without a firewall???

I already re-booted everything yesterday. I'm half way through the fault testing process and find that I have got to connect to the internet without a firewall. Given the amount of traffic that my firewall blocks, is this wise or safe?
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Do I need to leave my router on?

Hi longedge

As I understand it, if you have a router then you do not even need to have your PC switched on, let alone lower any software firewall you have running!
I think at most you may need to configure your router to accept "ping" from the net, then just leave your router on for the testing period.

It's either my router or my laptop

I use my laptop 99.99% of the time and only ever switch my desktop on (which is connected via ethernet) to troubleshoot. I've done a couple of tests with the desktop and they stick out like a sore thumb -
20-06-2006 08:47:07 440
20-06-2006 08:46:39 393.2
19-06-2006 21:11:45 89.8
19-06-2006 20:14:06 932.4
19-06-2006 16:29:46 989

19-06-2006 16:12:32 367.9
19-06-2006 16:11:59 378.3
19-06-2006 12:30:06 70.8
19-06-2006 12:29:22 67.6
19-06-2006 08:18:07 105
19-06-2006 08:16:40 210.8
19-06-2006 08:16:06 328.1
19-06-2006 07:52:01 95.2
19-06-2006 07:51:31 76.8
18-06-2006 23:45:09 68.8
18-06-2006 23:44:05 79.7

so can I ask - has anyone else had this with a Belkin 7632

My laptop reports excellent strength 54Mbps connection to the router which shows line rate 1152kbps and 11.8 noise margin - all as normal.

The only thing that has changed over the weekend that I can think of is the swathe of updates that came out from MS. I'm currently awaiting a reply from Belkin but any suggestions/previous experience would be welcome :?