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Dns Servers


Dns Servers

Well recently i've noticed the Dns servers have been rather picky and i've been haveing a lot of problems accessing sites etc... seems to be affecting quite a lot of people

My thinking is since +net have alreay upgraded a hole pile of servers why not do the DNS servers next? I think tht could really improve +nets performance?

If its not that then wht is causing DNS erros i keep getting accessing sites?
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Dns Servers

The DNS servers have been upgraded in the past few days and an additional one has been added. Further work is planned to spread the load between them.

See This announcement of the planned work and this announcement of the work being completed and the new DNS server brought online.

As for the DNS issues accessing sites, often this is cause by the hosts of those sites changing DNS configs causing wrong info to be propogated through the internets DNS servers. Sometimes a genuine PlusNet DNS server issue occurs, in wich case the backup servers should take over the load. Also sometimes updates take a while to propogate through all the PlusNet DNS servers so when a new domain is created or an IP address (host) changes, some may have the new IP addresses for a domain and some may have old ones which have not updated automatically yet. DNS server changes can also take 48 hours to propogate to all internet DNS servers.

Sometimes WIndows will cache bad or wrong DNS entries causing websites to be not found.